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Delcheva house in Leshten

Hear the quite...

The first thing you will notice in Leshten are the impressive houses tucked in the narrow hills of Rodopa Mountain, build in traditional for the area architectural style. The charming village has preserved the true spirit of the Bulgarian Renaissance. 



The traditional houses of Leshten are solid stone buildings with superb, detailed masonry. This technique is very simple: layer of stone with layer of soft dirt. The massive constructions will surprise you with its beautiful finish, yet lasting results, tested by the centuries.

One of the more noticeable buildings in Leshten is the “Saint Paraskeva” church, located in the village square. The church was built in 1836 and has survived big fire and multiple robberies. It consists of  nave and two isles and has a women`s section on the second floor. A bell tower was added later on. The central icon in the church is very interesting as it depicts a ful-lenght image of Saint Paraskevu of Rome and aint Kyriaki.

Right next to the church, you can see the old building of the original church school.



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